Red-Eye Travel Survival Kit

January 11, 2017

Inspired by our recent travels with a red-eye flight and long flight delays, I've put together the ultimate red-eye travel survival kit! Long hours in the airport and on the plane can take a toll on you, your skin and your sleep! These are some similar essentials that I took along with me to make the trip a little more pleasant, and other items that I will definitely plan to take along with me next time!

Refer to the corresponding number above for each item:
1. Acai Refreshing, Energizing Facial Mist - made of pH neutral thermal spa water from Skogshorn in Helmsedal, Norway, that will cleanse, refresh and protect tired skin. Plus the mist makes it easy to apply anywhere!
2. One-Step Facial Cleansing Cloths - an easy way to remove your makeup on the plane or at the airport without water. It is amazing how much of a difference it makes to clean and freshen up your face with these periodically throughout your travel.
3. Organic Dry Shampoo (0.6 oz, travel size) - an easy to pack dry shampoo, to lift the roots of your airplane pillow head and take care of greasy hair. Also, it's an organic, ingredient conscious product.
4. Plush Eye Mask & Travel Blanket - a cozy, generously sized blanket, since the plane always seems to be cold, and a soft eye mask to ensure a restful trip with lots of Zzzz's!
5. Pressure & Noise Reducing Earplugs - earplugs can really make a difference in getting some sleep in-flight. These earplugs not only decrease noise, but also ease ear pressure during the flight and with altitude changes.
6. Neck Support Travel Pillow - this is a unique take on the typical travel pillow. It is designed to hold the neck in an ergonomic position during travel and is half the size of a regular travel pillow.
7. Brightening Face Mask - a one-time use sheet mask that is easy to use and dispose of during travel. This will help to refresh and brighten your dull and dry skin and it also has grapefruit seed extract to protect from environmental toxins. I love these masks even when I'm not traveling!
8. Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray - Let's be honest... the airport and the planes are full of GERMS! I like to bring hand sanitizer with me at all times during travel. Hand sanitizer spray is easy to apply, plus this one is organic and has a calming lavender scent.

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