Adventures in Amateur Cake Decorating

February 14, 2017

Brett and I have been seeing so many great tutorials and time lapse videos on cake decorating and it always looks like so much fun, so we finally decided to give it a go! We did some research to see what exactly we might need to get started and how to go about making this happen. We ordered the tools, picked up a box of cake mix, sprinkles, food coloring and found a yummy recipe for buttercream frosting. There were actually a lot of tutorials on YouTube that were super helpful too.

We had so much fun with our cake decorating adventure, and while we are new to this, I should probably mention that this isn't really a "how-to" for cake decorating but rather just a fun experience that we wanted to share with you all! We had a great time doing this together, and hope you do too if you decide to give it a try!

We decided to start small with just two 6-inch cake pans, which to us was a little less intimidating. We used just one box of cake mix and divided it into the two greased 6-inch round cake pans and popped them in the oven.

When the cakes were ready, we let them cool completely before adding any icing.

While the cakes were in the oven, we prepared the buttercream frosting. Click here for the Buttercream Frosting Recipe. We doubled this recipe and kept half of the icing white and used red food coloring to make the other half pink. Next time I think we will just do 1/4 pink and the rest white, as we didn't end up needing as much as we thought for piping.

We purchased a rotating cake stand, icing kit, angled icing spatula, parchment paper and cardboard rounds to put under the cake. Everything worked great, except next time we are going to size up in the cardboard rounds so that it is larger than the circumference of the cake, rather than the same size. This should help to hold up the piping at the bottom. We also bought a wire cutter for layering and leveling, but we didn't end up using it this time around as we decided to just go with the two layers for our first try, plus this cake was already pretty small and didn't need much for leveling.

In honor of Valentine's day, we made a heart with piping on top and did some basic pink piping on the sides. White pearl sprinkles were then added to fill in around the heart. A really helpful tip we found was to practice piping on a piece of parchment paper before applying it to the cake, and then when you are ready you can just squeeze the icing back into the piping tube, so there is no waste!

We had so much fun making this cute little cake and it was really yummy too! We were thrilled that our first cake decorating experience turned out well, and after some lessons learned, we are excited for our next cake! If you are interested in basic cake decorating, I've linked all of the tools we used below as a reference. Enjoy!