A Visit to Coastal Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

October 16, 2016

We packed our bags and ventured down to the beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, one of our favorite places to visit in Mexico. The beaches are beautiful, the food is delicious and there are a lot of activities to enjoy.

When we decided to visit Cabo, deep sea fishing was the top activity on our list. I’ve never been before, but my husband Brett has in the past. We heard that the fishing there was spectacular, especially for catching Marlins. There was actually a famous Marlin fishing competition taking place while we were there.

For our deep sea fishing excursion, we left bright and early. As we left the harbor, we could see the sun starting to come up. We watched the sunrise all the way to our first fishing spot, which was about an hour out along the coast of Baja California. Cruising along the coast made it an especially scenic ride.

Not too long after we arrived to our first fishing spot, we heard one of the fishing lines start to zip. Our first fish was on the line! It was a mahi-mahi. We caught a total of 5 mahi-mahi and we eventually went further out into the ocean for the really big catches! Our largest catch of the day was a Marlin. They are tough to bring in, but Brett managed to pull it in and get a quick picture before it was released back into the ocean. We kept some of the other tastier fish and had it cooked at a restaurant that evening after we returned. Literally, ocean to table!

A little visitor who landed on our boat.

After a long day of fishing, we returned to the harbor, proudly flying our flags for each fish that we caught. There is also a red flag to signify a catch and release.

Another activity that we really enjoyed was a sunset cruise on a catamaran. We ventured out around the bend past the famous arch and along the coast on the Pacific Ocean side. They served wine and appetizers so we just sat back, relaxed and sailed straight into the sunset.

Tasty Eats

While we were obviously super excited about the activities in Cabo, we were quite possibly even more excited for the food and drinks! We love to eat Mexican food on the regular at our house. Actually, we are obsessed with Mexican food. We have a couple of favorite restaurants in Cabo that we had to revisit. The first is The Office. And, it’s definitely no day at the office! The tables are spread out amongst the sand, so you can literally enjoy your dinner on the beach! The food and views are spectacular and they also have a live band.

Edith’s is another fantastic restaurant that we love. The festive lighting and decor is bright and colorful and gives it an authentic feel. The food is incredible as they use local ingredients for a fusion of the best fresh seafood and steak dishes. Oh, and they have the most delicious margaritas. Our favorite was the mango margaritas!